Introducing Lazzaro

Synonymous with elegance and celebrated for its high quality and durability LAZZARO is introducing its unrivalled collection of tableware to Indian markets. It boasts quality that is consistent and a class apart. A collection that has been carefully crafted and selected to fashion a world class dining experience.

Constantly updated, the most exquisite contemporary international designs and cutting-edge production techniques are used to create a line that's as sublime as it is exclusive.


The World on a Quarter Plate

Whether it be a chic cafe, a fine dining restaurant or a luxurious home, LAZZARO has a product that fits every setting with a collection that ranges from dainty cups to oversized platters. The common element in LAZZARO tableware is its unmatched quality. Each piece is crafted out of the finest clay from New Zealand. The purest gold from Germany is applied through a centuries old technique. Finally, every piece is meticulously hand crafted by families that have practiced this art for generations. The methods are immaculate, the processes peerless and the products perfect.


LAZZARO for every occasion

Exquisite tableware is no longer the sole preserve of the cognoscenti. Today, hoteliers, professional caterers and homemakers across the country are extremely discerning. They are in line with international trends and seek products of the utmost quality, that can lend an air of refinement to their spaces. To keep up with this rapidly growing demand for the epicurean and the aesthetically refined, LAZZARO is introducing its high quality tableware collection to Indian markets.


Delicate. Beautiful. Graceful. LAZZARO  is a story of tradition, moulded and glazed into stunning bone china. It's a little bit of history and a part of the future. It is a piece of art and a part of culture. A gift you cherish through generations, because LAZZARO is not just owned, it is collected.